The Fifty-Fifty Programme was born from the desire of Dr. Valentín Fuster to improve the cardiovascular health of adults by modifying their habits. Action is taken in areas that have an influence on the risk factors which lead to cardiovascular disease and which can be controlled by the patients themselves.

Hypothesis: “If adults are trained in peer groups and provided with the knowledge, skills and attitudes a healthy lifestyle requires, their cardiovascular health habits and their own self-control of the risk factors will improve.”

This hypothesis is being developed through a pilot programme for community health among adults between 25 and 50 years old. This promotes a positive view of the concept of health and focuses mainly on these positive aspects rather than on the limitations and causes of the disease.

The programme is based on an initial evaluation of the participants and on workshops and group dynamics, where peer group education is the key. The participants modify their routines, which results in their leading a healthier life.

Taking into account the main cardiovascular risk factors, the programme focuses on a number of areas:

  • Motivation to change
  • Physical activity
  • Healthy diet
  • Giving up smoking
  • Self-monitoring of blood pressure
  • Peer education group dynamics

An initial pilot was carried out in Cardona in 2012 with the participation of 78 people and an evaluation of the subsequent changes to their health habits; the results were significant and positive.