The SHE Foundation, whose chairman is Dr. Valentín Fuster, and Cardona Town Council are collaborating in the setting-up of the first Healthy Communities pilot project in Cardona, a health promotion intervention based on scientific evidence and aimed at promoting behavioural change.

Objective: to convert Cardona into a healthy town, where individuals, families and communities can increase their potential for health and welfare and where working towards cardiovascular health is everyone’s business.


A healthy city is one, which gives high priority to health in all its activities. It is alive and provides its inhabitants with healthy spaces for individual and group use within physical, social, environmental and cultural surroundings.

The concept of health in a healthy city is rather more than the absence of disease or the healing activities of the health services: it can be created if the surroundings in which we live help us to develop healthier lifestyles.

A healthy city should consider each and every one of the health determiners that define health in a holistic way: disease prevention, health improvements in all age groups, the creation of physical and social surroundings that promote health, promote quality of life, healthy development and the encouragement of healthy behaviour at all stages of life.

The Healthy Communities programme proposes the gradual development of interventions and activities, each of which should be integrated into three core themes: Who, Where and What.

These interventions should be applied throughout the life cycle and are tackled through surroundings. This means acting in those areas where people live their daily lives (health, school, community…).

This projects aims to:

  • Promote quality of life, healthy development and healthy lifestyles at all stages of life.
  • Create a physical (healthy urbanism) and social environment that promotes good health for everyone.

Its objectives are to:

  • Encourage an active life and healthy physical activity.
  • Improve dietary habits.
  • Reduce tobacco consumption.
  • Promote active and healthy ageing in the older population.
  • Promote comprehensive health through the control of risk factors. Encourage comprehensive health and sustainable development.

In addition, it will do this by:

  • Providing relevant and good quality information and support to the population so that people can modify their lifestyles.
  • Improving the environment of the population of Cardona so they can develop healthier lifestyles – (where they live and/or work).
  • Involving everyone in the city in the development of the strategy.

The Study was financially supported by a grant from The Coca-Cola Foundation through an agreement with the She Foundation. The funding sponsor has not role in the design of the study, the collection, analysis, or interpretation of the data”.