The SI! Programme (Total Health) was born out of  Valentin Fuster’s, MD, PhD desire to spread healthy habits that contribute to cardiovascular health and a good quality of life in society.

Hypothesis: “The acquisition of healthy habits from childhood reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and improves the quality of life in adults.”

Programa Si!

This hypothesis is being developed through a school intervention programme that, once implemented in all educational levels (nursery, primary and secondary), should have an impact in the knowledge, attitudes and habits regarding the health of children, their families and teachers.

The main cardiovascular risk factor in both adults and children is obesity and the factors associated with it, such as diabetes and hypertension, which result from an inadequate diet and low levels of physical activity. Moreover, Spanish children are starting to show other risk factors of cardiovascular diseases typically studied in adults.

Taking into account the main factors of cardiovascular risk and with a comprehensive approach to health promotion (Total Health) that goes above and beyond the prevention of obesity, the SI! Programme has an impact on four basic interrelated components:

  • Gaining healthy eating habits
  • Development of physical activity
  • Knowledge of how the body and the heart function
  • Learning how to manage emotions, and the encouragement of social responsibility as factors against the addiction and consumption of foreign substances (tobacco, alcohol and drugs)

  • Niveles Intervención
  • Etapa Educativas

These basic areas are closely linked to the development of a person, which is why the SI! Programme is also aimed at providing individuals with the necessary abilities and values that will allow children and young people to act positively towards their health throughout their lives.